About FITD

Who We Are

In 1997 a group of San Francisco flaggers started a tradition of celebrating life by gathering in the newly dedicated National AIDS Memorial Grove. Flagging in the Park (FITP) has since grown into a treasured event where DJs, organizers and participants donate their time, energy and love to help raise money for local and national charities.

With the so many in our community now calling Palm Springs home, 2018 was time to bring some of that magic to the desert. The Flagging in the Desert (FITD) family will continue many of the FITP traditions and share every donation collected during each event with our chosen beneficiaries.

For information about the history of flagging click here

Where We Are

Sunrise Park is located at 480 South Sunrise Way in Palm Springs.  You can see a map here

While there is street parking nearby we ask you NOT to park in the lots reserved for the Boys & Girls Club or the one for the Library.  Our parking is located off South Pavilion Way, accessible from East Baristo Road as shown below.

What to Expect

Sunrise Park is a diverse space that houses the Public Library, playgrounds and is adjacent to the popular Leisure Center (near where the bathrooms are) that houses the swim center and skate park.

We will be sharing the park with a community who will surely be curious of who we are. Please encourage their wonder and welcome them into our event where suitable.

There is plenty of shopping within a block, including a grocery store, Starbucks, multiple food options and a popular health food store. The weather should be warm but not overwhelming. As always, prepare with sunscreen, water and as it’s a public park, some footwear is encouraged. Bring something to sit on, pack a lunch/snacks and beverages. Some artists will kindly have their personal flags available for use and behaved furry friends are welcome.