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The Front of the house needed some serious landscaping clean up and also had rounded-top palladium windows that really dated it.  We began with some brutal plant and tree removal and clean up.  We also installed panels over the palladium windows to hide them and add some design interest.  We installed some of the art pieces we had brought down from Portland and installed low voltage lighting.  All the of irrigation system required update and repalcement.  Our current plan will be to paint the house, but that is currently on the "to do" list.













We added solar panels which generate about half of the power we use, which is very significant in the summer with two large A/C units running.  During the winter we send more power into the grid than we use - thus bringing our electric cost with SoCalEd to almost nothing.


The front of the house is shaded in the morning - so we can sit on the front porch with coffee and read the paper - and greet the dog walkers.





The only window not well shaded is at the master bedroom so the addition of the art panels to hide the palladium window also helps to keep the sun from heating the room.













The art panels over the garage windows also allow us to leave them open to get air circulation.
















We have added extensive low voltage lighting across the from and back of the house.  I think it maintains a welcoming look at night while providing some security.















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