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The kitchen was certainly dated with baby blue tile and old appliances.  It had a dropped ceiling and white tile floor. 

We gutted the room back to the studs and rearranged most of the cabinets.  The garden window was replaced with an energy efficient double pane glass, the sink replaced with a coffee-colored composite.  The stove is an Italian gas with electric convestion oven and wok burner.

The counter tops and back splash are now sustainable Brazilian pecan.  The island and open shelves are the same.  We replaced the floor to match the rest of the house.  The "breakfast bar" and open shelves cover the archway that lead into the hall as we did not need another entrance into the kitchen.  We expect to add a wine rack next to the wine fridge under the microwave.

The original kitchen on the left had blue tile, drop ceiling, tile floor.


To the right is the new kitchen with new floor that matches the rest of the house, painted cabinets, new countertops and appliances.





The dated "appliance garage" had to go.  All the cabinets were removed and rearranged.









removing the tile was a chore, and very messy.



















The old garden window was replaced with an energy efficient double pane, the sink replaced.  The open shelves are for the daily use dishes.










New gas stove replaces the electric countertop.  Cutting board space to the left of the stove for easy access.










The archway to the hall was covered over to make space for the "breakfast bar" area with coffee and toast on the counter and a variety of storage jars on the shelves.


















To the right of the fridge is a new microwave and a wine fridge.  The TV angle is adjustable and parallels whatever is being shown in the media room.

















The "flying coffin" of cabinets with the wonderful gold flecked mirror tiles just had to go - it really broke up the space.








The kitchen now is really incorporated into the ranch room making one large useable space.  People can mingle around the island without being in the way of the food preparation.






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