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The "Media Room" is to the south of the kitchen and dining room and has access to the rear deck.  In addition to our own TV watching it is a great space for movie nights with friends.  We removed the carpet and replaced it with the same floor as the rest of the house.  We added a valance to hide the screen whcih comes down over the window.  At the rear wew added bookcases and a shelf from which we could hang the projector.  The cabinets along the inside wall are a place for all the equipment as well as other storage.

                       Before photos on the left, after photos on the right.































The arched doorways were about the first to leave.




Removal required that we tear out the plasterboard and cut away the supports for the arch.  Fortunately the doorways themselves were fine. 


We later trimmed out the doorways with the historic salvaged redwood we used for all the openings.
























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