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Curb appeal does not only apply to how the house appears from the street, but also the impact you receive as you first enter the house.  The hall was painted white with carpet and those ugly arches.  Immediately inside the front door was real hardwood floor - which was a real bitch to remove wthout destroying the subfloor.  We needed to get it to the same level as the rest of the house with a nice smooth surface so our new flooring would all match nicely.

Lighting was also going to be an issue both at the entrance and along the entire hall as we expected to use this to display a lot of art.  A few can lights along the hall we certainly not going to be sufficent.  Fortunately attic access allowed us to add track lighting in this front area and all along the hall itself.  It also required rewiring so that we could control the lights with appropriate dimmers.  Everything is special dimmable LEDs and controls to provide cost-effective lighting that can easily be adjusted to match the art.



Looking to the left you can see down to the ranch room.  The door to the left is the office and the arch to the right which used to go to the kitchen was quickly covered over.


Looking to the right you can see the arch into the dining room, the arch to the living room, and a closet.  Turning to the right takes you into the master bedroom.


Everywhere the carpet was removed and replaced with the new flooring and the walls were painted.  Track lighting runs the entire length of the hall.





Standing at the front door and looking in you can see our first investigation as to how the arches would be removed.  The photo to the right shows the resulting change.















You can see how paint, lighting, art, flooring, and "style" have changed the entrace as you look left adn then right.














Continuing down the hall to the in the leftmost photo you now see a metal sculpture done by a friend.   Looking down the hall the other direction you can see how the opening to the kitchen was covered with artwork and that the walls are filled with original art, mostly photographs thaken by Robby.  The rightmost photo looks back alon the hall.















Now we find the space both inviting and interesting.


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