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When we first saw the house the rear deck, covred porch, or as Robby calls it "The Lido Deck" was a major selling point.  It is 800 square feet of outdoor living space that overlooks the pool and has a view of the mountains.  Except for first thing in the morning the deck is in the shade and often has a slight breeze.

It needed some TC, which took a bit more effert than expected, but we are very pleased with the results.








The ceiling was in need of some paint, the fans had been heat damaged, the rails were just plain cheap looking, and the grey painted surface was OSB.  We were puzzzled as to what the building intended and why it was never finished.  The steps to the pool were about to collapse.

We painted the ceiling a sand color and repaired/replaced the fans.  We painted the wall a sage green and rebuilt the rails and the steps. 













The wall below the rail was an odd mix of panels that sort of fit between the posts, so we finished that off and made a storage space for the pool cleaning equipment.  We paintesd the rails and wall the same sand color. 


We had loacated some interesting reclaimed wood.  After the fires in the Sierras the pine trees had been left standing for a while.  They were later harvested, kiln dried and cut into boards.  We used the power planer and sander to smooth each board and then put on a oast of marine grade polyurethene.  We did about 100 square feet

at a time, allowing it to dry in the basement.

Next we trimmed each board to bit the deck pace and the rails and power mailed it down.  We then daid another sanding and put two additional coats of poly on the surace to protect it.














We also rebuilt the step and put several coats of poly on them as well.





At the north ond of the deck we have a table for outdoor eating.  The lights above were patterned aftr something we saw in mexico and constructed to fir the space. 




















At the south end of the deck we have comfortable seating and lounge chairs,







While the overall project was far more labor that we had expected we are very pleased with the result and we use this space all year around.

It provides a comfortable shaded space overlooking the pool and a place for friends to gather.







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