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When we arrived the pool was a fairly good shape, although over the years the leaves had stained the bottom and because the pool has been previoulsy acid washed twice t could not be done again.  The first summer we spent landscaping and general clean up.  Becasue you could see into the pool from the hiking path along the wash we watered and fertilized the hedge to almost double its size.  We removed the "decorative" metal fence.


























Knowing that we would want to use the pool late in to the season and again early in the spring we added solar panels and replaced the filter and a new high efficiency pump.  The solar controls detect the temperature of the pool and the temperature of the solar panels in the sunlight.  You set the desired temperature of the pool and whenever possible and neccessary the automatic valve directs the water through the panels before going to the pool.  When the nights were cool in the spring the water would be cold in the morning, but would warm by later afternoon so we were able to swim in mid-March.  By late spring the pool was warmed early in the day and the solar would shut off.  With the warm summ nights the pool barely cools off and I double the solar comes on at all in the morning.  By Fall we will be enjoying the heat - last year we swam until Thanksgiving.  Free heat from the sun.














In December we contracted to have the old pool surface removed and the edge tile replaced.  We designed on black mini-pebbleTech for the surface and really like the look.  We added a hole in the bottom near the bench seat to allow us to insert an umbrella when it is too sunny.









We converted to salt water and have really enjoyed the pool.














The little table is a great place to hold drinks and acts as a spot to gather on the bench, but in the shade.

Bacuse of the orientation of the house the pool starts to become shadowed about 5 pm.

Now that the hedge has grown almost double you can no longer see into the pool yard from the hiking trail - so obviously the pool is "clothing optional".... well I guess the entire back yard is as well.




At night all the outdoor art is lighted.








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