We have had a number of people ask us about our definition of an "open relationship".  One member of a couple who were dealing with the concept in their relationship asked us for more detail.  Below is the question as he worded it.  We EACH wrote an individual response without discussing what we were going to say.  They are linked below.

We don't believe that this is right for all couples.  Each relationship is different and needs to be built upon the needs of those individuals.  As stated above, communication is the key.


Dear Dave,
If you do not mind me asking, do both you and Wizard have an open, but loving relationship?  Please do not answer this if it is too personal of a question, but my partner and I agreed on giving one another "permission" if the need arises (no pun intended).  I am having a hard time adjusting to this agreement and hope that, in time, I will be okay with it.

            Your friend   XXXX





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