Wuzzle is a term coined by Disney in 1985 for a short-lived Saturday morning animation. Unlike most Saturday morning animation shows, this one used full cell animation and had the typical Disney quality.  Only a half-season (13  shows) was produced. There was also a cooperative marketing arrangement with Hasbro to produce stuffed animals and other related items. Today these would be cheap plastic throw-aways from a hamburg place, but in 1985 they were high quality.

In concept a wuzzle is a combination of two generally un-related animals such as an Eleroo (elephant and a kangeroo).

Although there were six or seven basic wuzzles, I have only been able to locate three Hasbro items: an Eleroo, a Rhinokey (Rhinoceros & Monkey), and a Bumblelion (Bumble Bee & Lion). A web search on Rhinokey will actually turn up some information.

I found a bumble-lion and purchased it on eBay.

I registered the domain name WUZZLE.COM in 1995 and we have had the same email addresses since that time.