I am the oldest of sevenRobbyBioPic
I am the younger of two

I am a farm boy at heart
I am an urban greenery in practice

I have known great loss,
I have a great love

I wish I could sleep more
I find revelation and art in wakefulness

I thrive on conversation
I crave isolation

I think feeding people is love
I wish food wasn’t addictive

I value fur and feathers above all else
I hate cleaning the cat box

I love history
I hate that we never learn

I think art is food for the soul
I find that so many are soul-less

I don’t worry about ISIS
I fret about icing

I love orange
I tolerate the rest

I long for foreign shores
I ache to stay home

I find contradictions sexy
I crave more order

I wish I walked more
I am thankful for my fake hips

I think HIV is a scourge
I thank HIV for my life

I believe that all people come into our lives for a reason a season, or a lifetime
Our sacred duty to is to determine which

Robby Sherwin is an artist/writer/photographer and permanent re-engager who lives near Palm Springs, CA. for the second time around in 30 years.  Happily ensconsed with my husband of 25 years and always up for new adventure.

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