WHY?  Because I can.... and because my partner and I have family reunions on the east coast in June.

Dave’s cross country adventure for the summer of 2014.  Follow along from Portland, Oregon to the east coast and back.  About 10,000 miles in 40 odd days. 


BUT.....That is not the direct route.

Of course not, why not see the country and enjoy the great motorcycle roads along the way?

The JOURNEY is the reward.  So I have been planning the route to find all the best motorcycle roads along the way – with as little freeway or interstate as possible.  To say that the route is not a direct shot from Portland to NJ is a real understatement.   But why just travel east for 3000 miles when you can take 6000 and travel fun roads.

I will be camping or staying with friends, family, or bikers for almost all of the 43 days.  In some cases I have people who will ride part of the way with me.  I need to be sure that I have a commitment from people who say they will host.  Also, I have highly desirable campsites (Mesa Verde, Yellowstone) on some very popular dates.  I made those reservations while the sites were still available.  Soon there will not be spaces on a weekend in June in Yellowstone.  Of course Robby’s family reunion and ours are fixed dates and that set some of the important parameters.

To the left you see navigation buttons that will take you to the plan, or the journal and photos, for each day of the trip.  Begin with the PLAN BUTTON to get a sense of how and why the route was developed.



Below is a very rough idea of the trip.  More detailed maps appear for each day. Under each map is a web link for that map if you want to investigate further.


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